Where Do Those With Computer Science Degree End Up? | Focused on Vancouver companies in the Network field

Where Do Those With Computer Science Degree End Up? | Focused on Vancouver companies in the Network field

Organisation: https://hackerlife.co (Canada)

Publication Date: 04/15/2016

Size of team/newsroom:small


For software engineers: HackerLife is a platform to learn about local tech companies. Through our data visualization, software engineers receive quantitative analysis on work experience and culture in different companies. For Small and mid-sized tech companies: These types of companies and startups always struggle in attracting top talents, because they are unknown to the community or they don't have enough budget to build their recruiting brand. For these type of companies, HackerLife is a tool to redirect technical and culture fit candidates to their career website. We collect and analyze data to build a unique visualization to promote companies' evidence-based advantages. Smaller companies will get recognized without spending a lot to compete with tech giants that are dominating the recruiting market. See more here: hackerlife.co/foremployers. For this particular visualization: If there is one thing most people have been able to agree on over the years, it is that getting an education, particularly a college education, is a key to human betterment and prosperity. Although a bachelor degree in Computer Science is highly recommended, entering a graduate program (MSc or PhD) is highly debated. In the following interactive visualization, we present the academic degree of software engineers in R&D departments of major network companies in Vancouver.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

There are three main difference between our product and those available in the market: 1. Our content is localized. Software engineers have access to content generated based on their local tech companies. 2. Our content is enriched with data analysis and is evidence-based. We are moving away from articles titled "X ways to do Y". We are helping software engineers to rely on our data analysis to make real work-related decisions. 3. To the best of our knowledge, we are one the first to focus on software engineers and tech market. Software engineering positions are growing in number and developers are becoming more and more on demand. We believe that content should not be built only for marketing purposes. Software engineers are smart people and one cannot apply the general marketing approach to get their attention. On the contrary and based on our experiments, a content backed by data analysis will well accepted by their community.

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