Who Cares? One Stop Shop Elections App

Who Cares? One Stop Shop Elections App

Publication Date: 12/09/2014


It's almost 2015, and Elections are yet again just around the corner Most Israelis ask themselves – WTF?! According to recent polls, 55% of Israelis have no interest in the elections importantly almost 30% of Israelis have no idea who are they going to vote to. Those reasons in addition to lack of motivation and lack of trust in the candidates' true objective lead to a decrease in the voting turnout in past election This is where we come in, with Haaretz's "Who cares? – One stop-shop election app" Our election app provide the Israeli voter with an innovative, insightful and fun experience, aiming to make elections as important and as valuable as it really is. Although designed for the Israeli voters, we made sure that our app will be able to serve not only Haaretz, but other publishers and global news groups. So let me invite you to a journey A journey that starts with discovering where your polling station is located, a question many voters ask Google (in 2013, Almost 50% of users looking where to vote were new users to Haaretz who came from Google). They will be offered directions, saving it to their maps, and allow Haaretz to remind them about the location info on Election Day. Now they know where to vote the question remaining is who they vote for. The users will now get the chance to take a look at the candidates' campaign, following their trail, quotes, ideas and social activity. The user will be able to compare up to two candidates at once, getting to know them better, follow their trips around the country, theirs comment and statements as reported by Haaretz's well-renowned reporters. The map will also show social activity by the candidate and the users who will be uploaded to the maps using specific hash tags provided by Haaretz. The app gives the user the option to explore the trail in perspective to previous election results and by that to get a better sense of why campaign efforts are being put in specific areas rather than in others. In other words: does the candidate care about me On Election Day we will show the first mood map using the reminder we will send to our users to ask them to tell us how they feel after voting – happy? Hopeful? Frustrated? Or maybe feisty? Want to share a picture from the polling booth? Even better! So who cares? We care, how about you?

Technologies used for this project:

Developed as web application and a native tracking applications, utilizing feeds from social networks and powered by Google maps, Fusion Tables and Spreadsheets


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