Who really decides?

Who really decides?

Organisation: ABC News (Australia)

Publication Date: 03/04/2016


In Australia all votes are created equal, but some votes are certainly worth more than others. Of all Australians who really decides the outcome of a federal election? We used the electoral system as a test subject for exploring how to create easily digestible visual explainers that refine large numbers to reveal their dominant and influential core components. In this first visualisation we demonstrate the value of each vote in an Australian federal election for the House of Representatives is not equal. We hope the visualisation has enough impact to make people more aware of how important their particular vote is. At the conclusion we solicit contact from the audience members who fit into the remaining influential population to generate story ideas or garner opinion. We hope that these visualisations will appeal to audience members who may not always engage in important subject matters because of extreme numbers that hold no genuine meaning, or lack real context for them. We see them as stand-alone presentations or embeddable in articles where useful. Other subjects worth exploring in this series could include ecological breakdown and extinction events, global warming and industry, company tax payments, asylum seekers, social media influencers.

Technologies used for this project:

- Javascript - NodeJS - d3 - SVG - morph.io
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