World Data Cup

World Data Cup

Publication Date: 01/15/2015



World Data Cup it's a 2014 World Cup journalistic infogame, to be played using data, information and news about the 32 countries in the tournament. WDC answers this question: What if the World Cup teams challenged each other with open data? The game is played through penalty kicks. You can choose among 14 balls and have 5 kicks per each match. Each ball represents data about specific fields (like innovation, economy, human rights) where your team's country would be stronger (or weaker) than the opponent. Winning or losing depends on your ability on selecting the balls. The project, realized by Viz&Chips for La Stampa website, was aimed to use one of the biggest and most followed sport event in the world as an excuse to catch the public attention on other aspects of the countries involved in such an important competition other than just football data. The player/reader doesn't need to be a data expert to play. The rankings related to the balls are based on the official datasets of international organizations such as the United Nations or the World Bank. After each penalty the player will be given an explanation about goal or save, with extra info concerning the opponent country. The project is available in Italian and English language

Technologies used for this project:

Html language Javascript jQuery Photoshop Google spreadsheet


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