World View

World View

Organisation: The Huffington Post (United States)

Publication Date: 04/09/2016


Anyone can broadcast live video via their smartphones today. But it's impossible for audiences to find videos that matter. We are providing an interactive template to help news outlets connect consumers to live footage of notable news events. We believe live, unfiltered footage shot by "real" people helps an audience connect emotionally to stories. As such, our prototype has a particular emphasis on stories with an impact component: Sexual assault awareness and hunger protests, for example. Facebook greatly expanded its live video features just this week, and Periscope has been around since last year to help people broadcast footage. But discoverability remains a major issue for audiences. Our innovation lies in an interactive globe called "WorldView" that spotlights meaningful stories curated by news editors. The benefit to users is clear. They get to jump into live video broadcasts linked directly to compelling news without sifting through the morass of Facebook's "LiveMap" or poorly curated Periscope hashtags on Twitter. Pinpointing the stories and linking to verifiable footage is a job left to editors. If the audience misses the immediate moment when video is being streamed, that's okay: Our video sources archive footage by default, so the footage remains watchable even if a viewer gets there late. Editors can add new stories and streams to WorldView whenever they want. The product is scalable: Our test prototype displays five stories, but a newsroom with more robust resources might display 100 at once. Any level is viable so long as there's a human available to write headlines and locate livestreams -- the process isn't automated to avoid flooding users with worthless broadcasts.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, D3.js, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Principle


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