In your face

In your face

Organisation: Sunday Times (South Africa)

Publication Date: 07/17/2014


Problem: We often forget that there is a real person or a real problem behind an email or a comment on an article. InYourFace aims to humanize issues and create an emotional response that users can't ignore. Key Features: InYourFace has evolved into a combination of KickStarter, Vine and Selfies. Instead of gaining money for a project, you gain support for your campaign. You can gain support in various ways. The main way is to make a 30 second "selfie" video explaining your issue and add it to the campaign. You can also: -share the campaign on different social media platforms -download videos -get the embed code for your own app or website. -contact the original campaigner. Benefits: -Giving a user a platform for an issue and gather support. -Reduces trolling because user's cannot hide behind an non-existent face. -Journalists can find immediate content for stories from directly affected people. -Journalists/Users can see what issues are trending. -Humanizing technological interactions. Next step: The front-end is nearly complete, so next steps would be to add a database and server-side implementation. We would also need to add user logins.

Technologies used for this project:

-For rapid prototyping purposes we used iOS (iPhone specifically) -We used XCode as the IDE -Only compatible with iOS 7 -Will run on XCode simulator or any iPhone running iOS 7 -All data is user driven and for prototyping purposes, our data is hardcoded to the app. In future there would be a server database.
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