Z - Lection

Z - Lection

Organisation: IDN Times (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 03/11/2018


Z-Election is a prototype for the first-time voters or Gen Z that will connect them with IDN Times newsroom. We want to balance the focus not just on candidates, but also the first-time voters. They can submit questions via IDN Times website and social media about any information they want to know about the presidential election. IDN Times newsroom will dedicate resources to answer the most popular question. Each user whose question is answered by our newsroom will be rewarded redeemable points from IDN Times.

Technologies used for this project:

How we make it happen: 1. Create design using Sketch app 2. Import the design to Zeplin 3. Slicing the design to html 4. Create mobile web prototype using laravel Programming Language : PHP PHP Framework : Laravel Application: Zeplin, Sketch App, Sublime Text
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