10 Reasons for Raising Fuel Price in Indonesia-Infographic

10 Reasons for Raising Fuel Price in Indonesia-Infographic

Publication Date: 02/20/2015



In Indonesia fuel is subsidized by the government. That make fuel prize is very cheap. Every time the government proposes a plan to cut fuel subsidy, it always stirs up controversy among the people. For some people, subsidy is necessary to help the poor. Others, however, believe that subsidy should be diverted towards a more productive sector which will eventually improve the people’s welfare. When the government planned to reduce fuel subsidy in the end of last year, Katadata published infographic called “10 Reasons for Raising Fuel Prices”. This infographic explain why the government have to end the cheap fuel era and also needs to immediately prepare a clear roadmap for the gradual reduction of fuel subsidy. After published on our website (www.katadata.co.id), the Indonesian version of the infographic (http://katadata.co.id/infografik/2014/11/13/10-alasan-kenapa-harga-bbm-harus-naik) shared by more than 50 thousand times on Facebook. Not only that, Katadata's Infographic also used by President Joko Widodo and other high ranking official in Indonesia such as Presidential Chief of Staff and Coordinating Minister of Economic in their social media, their personal blog or when they are interviewed by television to explain government’s reason for fuel subsidy cut.
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