2015 Presidential Election - estimate, share, discuss, vote

2015 Presidential Election - estimate, share, discuss, vote

Organisation: Polska Press Grupa (Poland)

Publication Date: 03/31/2015


2015 Presidential Election estimate, share, discuss, vote Project type: The website (RWD) - may be supplemented with a mobile application. The project is targeted at the period of the election campaign. The goal of the project: Providing users with knowledge about the candidates and the ongoing election campaign. Raising awareness about the election campaign in social media, initiating debate on the presidential election using interactive tools operating on the basis of user-generated data. Fostering participation in the elections, as a fundamental right of a citizen in a democratic society. Assistance in analyzing the statements of the candidates and in choosing a candidate whose views best suit the user’s views. Providing users with simple tools to initiate a discussion on the elections in social media. Building a community of highly committed users around the site, so that they expand its range. Design elements: 1. Survey Interactive and up-to-date poll results for each candidate (with division into provinces). 2. Candidates Presentation of the candidates, their previous political activities, accomplishments and achievements, political affiliation. 3. Hot Topics Information about the number of expression of candidate. The aim: a quick way to determine what subjects are interesting for individual candidates. 4. Monitoring the campaign Phase I: In the first stage the user receives an updated list of the major quotes (statements) from the period of the election campaign. Stage II: We present only the quote, without information on its authorship. Next to each statement we place two buttons, "plus" and "minus". The user’s job is to evaluate the pronouncement in terms of accordance with his or her own views. Rating subsequent statements will generate a report on compatibility of the views of candidates with the views of the user. The result is a graph of compatibility of views, which is to help the user in making a decision "whom to vote for." When the user (not knowing who the author is) marks one of the candidate’s statements with a “plus”, this candidate moves into the lead in the compatibility report. The essence of this task is to evaluate the pronouncements themselves, and the views and ideas contained in them. Why is this important? The assessment of compatibility of views based on the statements themselves means that the user is not guided by his or her own historical political preferences. The user may find that he or she gives “pluses" to statements of a candidate whom he or she previously would never knowingly support, because of their political affiliation, or for any other reason. Such an analysis of the election campaign gives all candidates equal opportunities. We evaluate what they have to say, and not who they are and what background they have, whether they have been present on the political scene for years or are just beginning their political career. Stage III: After evaluating a statement (granting it a "plus" or a "minus") the user is informed about its authorship and provided with a link to the source of the information with the context and circumstances in which the statement was made (in-depth knowledge of the campaign). Stage IV: Share your report on FB, G+, TT. The task of monitoring the campaign can be done on two levels. Non-logged users generate their reports, in order to assess the compatibility of candidates’ statements with their own views. A user who logs in can make his or her report available in social media and subject it to discussion with friends. By providing their reports, users expand the range of the project and encourage other users to perform a similar analysis. In every post we put a "call to action" - Your voice is important, take part in the elections. Compatibility reports can be updated daily through assessing further statements until the election day, achieving the truest compatibility of views report. 5. Your election forecast The task for the users consisting in trying to predict the result of the presidential elections on the basis of what they know, ascribing to various candidates the most likely percentages of votes. This results in an individual chart, which the user may share on social media and discuss the forecasts with friends. In social media, many people are discussing the campaign, the election and chances of individual candidates. Generating the chart under the slogan: "I believe the election results will turn out this way", is a great starting point for discussion in social media. Each post increases the range of the project, and in each post we put a call to action: If you want to present your election forecast, enter here... In any shared post we place the slogan, "Take part in the elections." Poll forecasts can be generated and shared any number of times in response to the changing situation in the campaign. After closing of the polls logged-in users will receive an email saying: "The concordance of your forecasts with exit poll results is (for example) 87%, check the detailed results of the vote and share them with your friends. After the announcement of the official results a logged-in user will receive an email saying: "The concordance of your forecasts with official results of the NEC is (for example) 93%. Check out the detailed results of the vote and share them with your friends.
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