Abortions for Some

Abortions for Some

Organisation: Global News (Canada)

Publication Date: 03/22/2016


Many Canadians believe abortion access was settled decades ago. And for some Canadians, it was. But for tens of thousands of women in rural or northern communities - and for women in much of Atlantic Canada - it isn't settled. Far from it. As our investigation starkly showed, access to reproductive health care in Canada varies widely depending who you are and where you live. Fewer than one in six hospitals perform surgical abortions - a proportion that's actually shrunk in the 21st century. Many women travel thousands of kilometres and pay thousands of dollars out of their own pocket for the procedure. Perhaps most telling: Abortion remains so stigmatized in Canada that there's no public list of hospitals providing it. They're afraid of being targeted by anti-abortion activists. Our story struck a chord: We were inundated with the personal stories of women who've struggled to access abortions across the country. Barely a month after the original investigation's publication, a Prince Edward Island advocacy group sued the provincial government for its lack of abortion access, and the issue was thrust to the fore once more. We continue to chase this and to report on the individual travails of Canadians seeking care and the health practitioners who still need bravery to provide it. 


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