Aos Fatos em tempo real

Aos Fatos em tempo real

Organisation: Aos Fatos (Brazil)

Publication Date: 03/23/2017


'Aos Fatos em tempo real' is not only an aggregator of live fact-checking political debates; it is the most complete database of political statements developed until this date by a Brazilian newsroom. During the 2016's Brazilian mayoral elections, Aos Fatos's team live-fact-checked around 160 statements made by more than 10 mayor candidates in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in 16 TV debates for approximately two months and a half. Those claims were aggregated in only one hotsite -- 'Aos Fatos em tempo real' -- in a way that our readers could not only search for what their candidates said but also could scrutinize our independent and nonpartisan work. While live-fact-checking became a new paradigm in Brazilian newsrooms due to our real time efforts, we also were able to, at the end of the campaign, use our database of statements in order to verify that 3/4 of fact-checked statements made by all politicians during those two months and a half were somehow untrue ( During the whole coverage, our team sought to analyze equally all candidates according to our consolidated fact-checking method, recognized by the International Fact-Checking Network: relevance, exposure time and the emphasis of the argument. More than 70% of those fact-checks were all based on official and public databases -- either FOIA requests, government audits, scientific research. It means that it is not only a data journalism hotsite and a public speech database, but a broad investigation on political speech based on relevant Brazilian databases.


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