Arab Center for Cyberspace Research-ACCR

Arab Center for Cyberspace Research-ACCR

Organisation: thinktank-ACCR (Egypt)

Publication Date: 01/26/2018



about us It is the first independent research project in the Arab world to examine the impact of ICT on society at all political, social, economic, security and cultural levels as a platform for Arab researchers, academics and technicians from all Arab countries, In order to develop optimal policies to deal with the phenomenon of electronic space to work on the challenges and the search for opportunities, and the idea of the project was expressed by the efforts of Adel Abdul Sadiq in September 2010 and was officially launched on Facebook on February 9, 2011 and was launched the first version of the website in July 2011 The new version of the website was launched in August 2012. It was inaugurated as a civil non-governmental civil institution under the number 5947 Giza in 2016. The Arab Center for Cyberspace Research won the award of the best Arab cultural project in 2011 and the receipt of the Sheikh Salem Al Ali Al Sabah Informatics Award. The center is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt The mission The overlap of modern information and communication technology tools in many jobs led to the emergence of electronic space, which has become a new field that has entered into all vital interests such as government services, health sector, education, media, trade, etc., to represent a new life and a new field for the exercise of all human activities and interactions with jealousy or to express the banner This important use has played a role in supporting the development movement within countries and societies. The ICT sector in the so-called digital economy has become a role in economic growth rates. In the international community on the economic, political, cultural, security and social levels. In addition to such peaceful use, other non-peaceful uses have emerged that reflect the mating between communication and information technology, terrorism, war and crime. This is reflected in one of the complex international issues of modern times, not only in problems But also in tactics, strategies and the nature of challenges for all actors from States, groups and individuals within the global information society. What happened in the Arab world at the beginning of 2011 reveals to what extent our Arab society has become more connected to communication and information technology and to the extent that it has revealed positive aspects that have also revealed negative aspects of our society and youth, which leads us to work together to correct the path. Maximizing the gains from the information and knowledge age Strategic vision o Enhancing quality within Arab government institutions o Partnership with the private sector and Arab civil society  The formation of a research network for the accused in the field of work of the Center  Raise Arab awareness of Internet governance
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