Are you going to be replaced by a robot? Ask our bot!

Are you going to be replaced by a robot? Ask our bot!

Organisation: L'actualité (Canada)

Publication Date: 04/07/2017



*Please note that I am a data reporter in Montreal, Quebec. Quebec is a francophone province in Canada and I am working for a francophone news magazine.* When my boss told me that it would be interesting to do a story on how automatisation is changing the workplace in Quebec, he knew that I would say yes immediately because I am always trying to automate as many things as possible in my daily job. For the print magazine, I decided to do a story with multiple examples of companies in Quebec that uses artificial intelligence and automatisation in various sector: health, personal finance, personal digital assistant, etc. But for the web, I thought it would funny and interesting to code a bot that would automatically write a personalized article for each reader: a bot that would tell the reader if he was at risk of being replaced by... a bot!


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