Organisation: Copenhagen TV (Denmark)

Publication Date: 06/21/2015



Danish media and author and journalist of Palestinian origin Member of the Danish Union of Journalists Member of the General Union of Palestinian writers and journalists Member of the Writers Union of Arab Internet Member of the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association. I got my education in Syria, Yemen and then in Bulgaria I worked in several Arab newspapers, the main goal of the magazine, I wrote hundreds of articles, political and cultural. I finished my studies in 1988. I worked in a youth magazine in 1988-1992. I worked in Al-Hadaf magazine in 1993 until 1999. In 1995 completed a statistical study of Palestinian youth in Syria in cooperation with the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in Damascus I came to Denmark in 2000 I worked in Al -Mashad newspaper. 2001 worked in radio International Organization Advad to combat racial discrimination 2004 was training in television Københavni the Arab Program. I have a great interest in contemporary poetry I published a book of poems I have dozens of poems published in Arab newspapers and websites.
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