Organisation: Transparency International Hungary (Hungary)

Publication Date: 04/10/2017


One of Transparency International Hungary's priority objectives is to engage active citizens throughout its activities. We aim at providing active citizens with the necessary tools to enable them to step up against corruption successfully. TI Hungary launched its latest development, the Assist ( website in Februray, 2017. The page which was inspired by La Nacion Data, operates in a beta version for now, providing a tool with which public interest information can be downloaded quickly and easily. The idea for the development, which was supported by Google Digital News Initiative, is based on the fact that information of public interest is often very difficult to access through the websites of state institutions. Information that is useful to journalists and interested citizens can be downloaded for the most part only after lengthy searches and numerous clicks. Assist provides a solution for this, making it possible for users to process public interest information in an easily manageable (e.g. excel) format. Assist is serviced by software that scans the websites of state bodies at regular intervals, then downloads the fresh data and arranges it into tables that can be easily edited by users. Currently, Assist helps make it easy for users to access, going back several years, the following: grants awarded by the National Cultural Fund; the area payments made by the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency; public procurements in four sectors – motorway construction, health care equipment, railway development and advertising –; as well as the list of procurements found on the government website and numerous foreign trade data. Going forward, TI will continue to expand the range of source data. The development also helps track which data have been removed from or added to the database. In addition, the website makes it possible for users to upload and make public their own self-compiled databases.


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