Ayuntamiento De Manila: A Costly Restoration

Ayuntamiento De Manila: A Costly Restoration

Organisation: CNN Philippines (Former 9TV) (Philippines)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



“AYUNTAMIENTO DE MANILA” BACKGROUND: This series of Investigative reports on a restoration of a government building, Ayuntamiento de Manila, is a depiction of a grand misuse of public funds and how the Philippine government prioritizes its expenditures amid the fact that its citizens die from hunger and poverty. Part 1: In Intramuros is a restored Spanish-era government building currently used by the Philippine Bureau of the Treasury. CNN Philippines Investigative Correspondent Fiona Nicolas went to that building. She finds out that there’s more we should know about the restored building--- facilities like a grand marble ballroom, rooms full of designer furniture, and state of the art facilities one wouldn’t find in any ordinary public office in a third world country like the Philippines. Part 2: After showing the grand restoration of Ayuntamiento de Manila, this part of the series of investigative reports on the Bureau of the Treasury’s Building reveals how much of the People’s taxes went to the restoration project. What’s more, even if this building was built using the people’s taxes, the facilities are not open for public to enjoy or even just to marvel at. Part 3: There are more questions than answers behind the restoration of an old government building. On the last part of the special report, a head of another government agency admits the Bureau of the Treasury spent too much on the grand restoration of the Ayuntamiento de Manila. In this last part of the series, the correspondent also showed the face of poverty just around of the lavishly restored Ayuntamiento de Manila. That within its neighbourhood, a lot of people could have benefitted more reasonably using the money spent for its restoration. The three-part story is aired as an exclusive report in 9News, few weeks before the station’s transition to become CNN Philippines. This series of investigative stories was produced by the team which now constitute the CNN Philippines, with the help and supervision of advisers and producers from CNN International and 18-time Emmy Awards Recipient for Investigative Reporting, Ross Maclaughlin. The Correspondent: Fiona Nicolas, the Correspondent who made this series, is also known in the local broadcast industry in the Philippines as a documentary and investigative reporter who previously exposed stories of women abuse, local corruption, and big-time scams. Before she joined 9News (now CNN Philippines), she practiced broadcast journalism for almost a decade in TV5 (one of the major local TV stations in the Philippines). In TV5, she exposed one of the biggest stories in the country concerning a Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme Aman Futures led by Malaysian Manuel Amalilio, whose business victimized at least a million Filipinos in the Southern Philippines. When Nicolas left the station, she was immediately offered a position as Investigative and Special Reports Correspondent for 9TV (now CNN Philippines). ----------------------------------------- Note to Judges and Viewers: Please make sure to click the subtitle to see the translation of the interviews spoken in local language. Thank you.


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