Organisation: Katadata (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 04/08/2017


This news room tools aims to help journalists find issues and develop questions for their sources while reporting data related issues. BagiData is an initial prototype. We create this prototype since there are many journalists and people who find difficulties in processing data they have obtained. They lack of skills in using Microsoft Excel. What they understand is still limited to differ texts and numbers, sort numbers, and find averages from their data. BagiData offers its facility in presenting interactive data, while comparing data based on locations and graphics, based on their needs. It also has a feature for general data storage. We consider simplicity and minimum calculations with numbers when designed this tool. People who are used to afraid of data processing and do not understand a context from a group of data are expected to find a fluidity from BagiData. The main screen in this feature shows raw data and latest news, based on users’ interests. There is a dedicated column for the news articles, which enables users to dig more new information, combined with available data. Then, BagiData will be developed further with more features. Besides, this project is also expected to be part of “Open Initiative Data” in Indonesia, which welcomes its users to collaborate and exchange data. During the planning stage, Katadata will improve the visual matters in this tools, and add more recommended features, such as news/issues personalizing based on a specific topic or media, a multi-chart usage, a comparison for data parameters, a storage for history changes, and other features to help users manage data. Katadata believes by developing a concept to transform a set of numbers from tables into an interactive graphics will create a better understanding and help people to read the data easily. Moreover, the visual presentation lets people to digest data faster. Katadata welcomes people to test the tools through our website: Those who are interested in testing it must create an account by registering in our website. Users can upload excel files with a specified format. After the data is uploaded to the server, BagiData will present visual graphics, compilations of data summary with a comparison of the top 10 and the 10 bottom data. We expect what BagiData presents will give user comprehensive dataset in just blink of an eye, including other interesting information.
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