Betamax Saga

Betamax Saga

Organisation: Le Defi Media Group (Mauritius)

Publication Date: 04/05/2016


A sum-up concerning alleged influence to attribute big money contract by the Mauritian Government, leading to the arrest of former PM Navin Ramgoolam as well as several ex-ministers of the Government of Mauritius and high ranked officers. Audience was meant to the whole community as articles went on the website. This event brought the former PM to a fifth arrest in six months time after, losing election, in december 2015. He was accused of having exercised pressure upon his former cabinet's ministers, to give his approval to a Rs 10 billion contract. It was the fifth times the former PM got arrested by police. Only his own ex minister brought the ex PM in this situation. So i did a sum-up reporting of the police case. Matter happen almost 6 years after presumed facts.
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