Organisation: GauchaZH / Zero Hora (Brazil)

Publication Date: 04/08/2018


BotStalker offers tools for journalists and researchers to understand how bots will perform on Twitter during the 2018 election campaign in Brazil. It will monitor in real time the behavior of the bots associated with each candidate and trigger viral content alerts that have the potential to be fake news. This action will enable newsrooms to make the fact-checking to fight against rumors and misinformation quickly, minimizing their impact. The dashboard will show in real time the number of posts, the most discussed topics, the most shared links and the most retweet posts by the bot armies of each political group. It will also allow to create reports according to the desired period, from daily data, refinement of information collected and measurement of the impact and influence of robots on the virtual campaign. BotStalker will join all the data in .csv format for target audience make other crossings and studies about the bots.


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