The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Organisation: Calcalist (Israel)

Publication Date: 04/09/2015



The Project was developed via Cacalist And Shenkar Institute joint Data Journalism Lab. A team of students, both developers and designers, together with Calcalist Chief Digital Officer and main data journalist, built a system that analyses in real time what the Israeli parliament members (called Knesset Members) are saying on their Facebook Pages. The project was made especially for Israel's recent national elections took place March 17th. The unique system that was developed and designed lets the users analyse which politician uses each word the most. For example, who speaks more about Peace and who speaks more about War; Does Israel's Prime Minister talks more about the Iran or about the housing prices bubble developing in Israel?; What are the topics that right-wing politicians use vs. left-wing politicians, etc. The system also lets the users analyse the data for specific time periods, while marking key events in Israel's economic and political timeline. This way the users can find out which words each politician uses the most during war times and during election times. All data is fully searchable and the results can be shared via Facebook and other social networks.


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