Canada's Unwanted

Canada's Unwanted

Organisation: Global News (Canada)

Publication Date: 03/30/2015


Global News probed the way Canada treats its non-citizens - refugee applicants, immigration detainees and just about anyone the government is trying to get rid of or whose status in the country remains up in the air - and found systems rife with arbitrary opacity and questionable practices. A months-long investigation that included combing through troves of documents obtained through access-to-information requests; troubleshooting badly flawed government databases obtained through similar, lengthy queries; and interviews with detainees, their lawyers and their lovers, we revealed the ways Canada skirts, abrogates or ignores its international obligations to non-citizens. We revealed never-before-published deaths in detention and pressured the Border Services Agency into releasing more information on the people who die in its custody. We outlined the way Canada detains people indefinitely in jails on no charge – often with limited access to family, legal counsel and third-party monitoring agencies, denying repeated requests by the Red Cross to perform inspections of immigrant detention facilities in Canada's most populous province.


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