Organisation: Wired Italy (Italy)

Publication Date: 06/08/2014



Italy has many troubles, but prouds itself for having the world’s second best health system according to WHO estimates. This is surely true for access to care, but is it the same for quality and equality of care across the country? And how are mortality rates of patients affected by the dramatic cuts of public expenditure spending latest spending reviews? #Checkyourhospital is a data driven series of stories based on the analysis and first online open publication of the survival rates of patienst in Italian hospitals. The picture emerging from our analysis is a very fragmented health systems with many excellences but also many dark and worrying corners (expecially in the South, but not exclusively) where mortality rates of patiens plummet to levels ten times lower than the national average. The difference between public and private structures also shows clearly. We also looked at the relationship between mortality and regional expenditure showing that many Regions (Health accounts for 80% of regional budgets) pay a lot for a very poor service. The interactive map ( lets you check and compare mortality rates across hospitals.


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