CIGEND - Where there is smoke, there is no hope

CIGEND - Where there is smoke, there is no hope

Organisation: CNN Indonesia TV (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 04/08/2017


As one of the biggest producers and consumers of cigarette in the world, Indonesia faces serious problems in health, economics, social, and environment sectors over the years. The government has been trying to decrease the number of smokers in the country by raising the price of cigarettes through taxation, which obviously does not encourage people to stop smoking or dissuades them from starting. In the other hand, major changes to the industry can affect large, complex systems in all sectors as in The Butterfly Effect. We create a different, innovative, and more fun way of campaign to raise awareness about this issue, through an interactive, educational newsgame called Cigend. The millennial generation is our target audience because they are constantly engaged in multiple social media accounts. Their habits of sharing information will be effective in discouraging people to smoke, encouraging existing smokers to quit, increasing the effectiveness of health warnings. As the result – we hope that more people will be aware, there will be less to zero demands for cigarette, and finally it will be the end of cigarette cycle as the industry collapses.


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