Citizen oriented spatial visualization of EU subsidies

Citizen oriented spatial visualization of EU subsidies

Organisation: Nonprofit Ltd. (Hungary)

Publication Date: 04/10/2016


ur project is a visualization of the subsidies Hungary received from the European Union between 2007 and 2015, broken down into geogpraphical & municipal detail. We also provide self-referencial calculations for citizens to realize how much money was spent on their behalf. A simple visualization to determine if having a government-aligned mayor helps to secure more funding is also provided, and how funding changed with electoral cycles. According to our calculations, the country got roughly 297 billion Euros for economic and social development programmes, which translates to more than a 1 month net minimum income per person each year - including babies and pensioners. Hungary is one of the top beneficiaries of the EU subsidies and it is important to know how the money was spent. There are quite a few cases where the EU supported projects were never finished and we also know about projects where the European Comission’s Anti-Fraud Office, OLAF started an investigation into a corruption case based on Átlátszó’s reports. Albeit the winners of the EU subsidies were already public, to navigate through the government published database, however non-practical and cumbersome. Our main goal was to create a map which makes it easy to understand for the public and our readers how and where those subsidies were spent. The map also allows citizens to understand how much EU subsidy was spent by their municipality in their immediate vicinity, and to relate this fact to the actual effect this money had on their lives. In light of the anti-EU rethoric high on the public agenda in Hungary, it is also important to let people know how much financial support they have received from the EU over the past decade.
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