Organisation: Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism (South Africa)

Publication Date: 04/06/2016



ClimaTracker uses mapping technology to track and publicise the impacts of climate change and adaptation opportunities in Southern African countries. It is an innovative geojournalism platform that intends not only to inform, but to create a community of concern that can communicate around climate change, and particularly adaptation efforts. South African scientists charted temperature and rainfall variations caused by climate change in a technical report under the Long-Term Adaptation Scenarios flagship research programme. ClimaTracker makes this complex scientific data accessible in an easy-to-use interactive visualisation. Combined with cutting-edge journalism, it tells Southern Africa’s climate change stories at a mouse click. At 136 pages long, the document contains pages and pages of maps showing historical climate trends and projected changes over the years up to 2099. The climate modelling data used is the predictive data shown in the map images within the Department of Environmental Affairs’ Long Term Adaptation Scenarios report. The data shows temperature and rainfall changes across southern Africa, for the period 1971 to 2099, across various scenarios, in various formats, including a text-based format and JS ASCIIgrid. ClimaTracker also uses investigative articles and information on new scientific research relating to climate change .
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