Cologny (Geneva), paradise lost for billionaires

Cologny (Geneva), paradise lost for billionaires

Organisation: Le Temps (Switzerland)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015


This journalistic investigation was created both for digital (as a long-read) and print usage. We lead it in parallel with the voting on the law covering Lump Sum Taxation of rich foreigners based in Switzerland. It focuses on Cologny, a neighbourhood in Geneva where many billionaires are historically nesting. We scraped data from the official cadastre, cross-checked them with other business databases, we managed to draw an original portrait of this municipality. This journalistic investigation is a socio economic immersion within this community of billionaires. The data analysis enable us to show waves of immigration in Cologny, fields of activities (gas, industry, jewelry, private banking, trading), business relationships among billionaires and their political and economical ties with the State of Geneva. All this to answer one question: if the Swiss abolished the tax packages, will these bilionnaires move in better tax haven abroad? Much like we usually do, we made public our making-of and published its source code, allowing others to reuse our methodology, tools and workflows. Our making-of:


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