Confiscati Bene: data journalism to make open data regarding assets seized from the mafias

Confiscati Bene: data journalism to make open data regarding assets seized from the mafias

Organisation: Dataninja (Italy)

Publication Date: 04/10/2015


Confiscati Bene (literally, “Well Confiscated”) is a participatory project aiming at stimulating an effective re-use of buildings and other assets seized from the mafia. The project investigates their current condition and potential through the analysis of relevant data coming both from official sources and from bottom-up, citizen monitoring initiatives. ConfiscatiBene is carried out by a diverse group of journalists, activists and technologists, and actively involves existing national and local anti-mafia and citizen monitoring associations. They offer their own specific expertise to investigate current use, management practices, and potential for regional development. The project was initially developed during the 2014 hackathon of the Spaghetti Open data Community. The goal has rapidly expanded to include the development of new tools such as a data catalog and an area for data analysis and storytelling. This platform is also intended as a crowdsource of ideas and suggestions from citizens and stakeholders in order to collaborate with national and local institution to improve the management and the enhancement of confiscated assets. The investigation was published in September 2014 by the magazine L'Espresso and 18 local newspapers of the group Finegil. The investigation was conducted by Dataninja, italian ddj agency that is working to develop the project in other european countries.
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