A Conta dos Passaralhos (Journalists Layoffs in Brazil)

A Conta dos Passaralhos (Journalists Layoffs in Brazil)

Organisation: Volt Data Lab (Brazil)

Publication Date: 04/10/2017



"Journalists Layoffs in Brazil" is a project that tracks layoffs in newsrooms around the country. Because there are no official data on how many journalists are fired from media outlets, this database showed the fragile situation of the media in Brazil and has been much appreciated by many in the local journalism profession, being source to numerous news and academic studies. Government reports only certain data about the whole communications industry, concatenating in one basket public relation officers, marketing professionals and duly registered journalists, without discrimination, so there is no way to know what is the official number of people fired from newsrooms. This shadows the reality of what is happening in the news media, especially because "informal" journalists, like freelancers or unregistered reporters and editors, are also losing their jobs. No union, federation or government agency track this kind of data about newsrooms, which makes this project unique. The first data was first published as a news story in mid-2015, but after several requests, it was organized in a platform of its own in September 2016, with proper visualizations and even an API.
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