A Conta dos Passaralhos (Journalists Layoffs in Brazil)

A Conta dos Passaralhos (Journalists Layoffs in Brazil)

Organisation: Volt Data Lab (Brazil)

Publication Date: 04/11/2017



A Conta dos Passaralhos (Journalists Layoffs in Brazil) is a database about how many journalists were fired from Brazilian newsrooms. This project gives a statistical dimension about the current situation of the Brazilian journalistic profession, amid a clear lack of proper employment for journalists, reduced investments in new, data and investigative teams and the remodeling (for better or worse) of the industry's business models. The audience is mostly composed by journalists and communications professionals, and the project's data has been used as source for several news reports and academic studies. It is entirely supported by the Brazilian data journalism agency Volt Data Lab, and all its data and code are open source, and there are no plans of monetization as of April 2017. The project started as a couple of news stories made by Volt in mid-2015, but later evolved to be a whole database, published in September 2016.
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