Organisation: Público (Portugal)

Publication Date: 02/27/2015


Most news on any given Portuguese speaking country is of little interest to the rest of the countries in the Portuguese speaking community. However, sometimes a big news breaks in one country that is relevant to the entire Portuguese world, and it gets covered by media outlets in every region. The problem is that neither readers, nor journalists from other countries have enough background context on the particular subject of that big news. Contextualizando (Portuguese for "putting in context") allows journalists to easily share snippets of background information they already published on their sites, and makes those snippets available to other news sites from the rest of the Portuguese speaking community. Feeding the platform with snippets of text is done with a simple bookmarklet. On the other end, showing that information alongside any article is done via an embeddable widget. This eases the workload of journalists covering a foreign issue and allows for readers to easily have background information in the same page where their reading the news. Also, the widget links back to the article where the information was originally published, thus increasing visibility and traffic for information providers. The platform was developed to tackle a problem of Portuguese language media spread across five continents, but can be used by pretty much any media outlet. This is a proof of concept, put together in two days. Making it available for general use would require further development.
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