Data Dredger

Data Dredger

Organisation: Internews Network (Kenya)

Publication Date: 06/04/2014



Data Dredger was established as a platform to help Kenyan journalists develop their data storytelling skills. While this particular space went up in February 2013, Internews data journalism work has been ongoing for a little over a year. The platform was built to provide hands-on opportunities that would allow journalists to learn to produce data stories by doing. In developing their stories, journalists work under the mentorship of Internews in Kenya data journalism trainers. Data journalism with Kenyan journalists under Data Dredger has been tremendously fruitful. The platform has given journalists the opportunity to not only engage with data on Kenya Open Data Initiative (KODI) but to also explore other avenues of identifying data sources that become gems for great stories for their audiences. The platform has allowed journalists in Kenya to produce numerous indepth and interrogative stories that would not have been possible before.

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