De utsatta (The art of stealing without getting caught)

De utsatta (The art of stealing without getting caught)

Organisation: Swedish Television (Sweden)

Publication Date: 04/07/2017


The story Swedens most vulnerable; the old, sick and disabled, have been robbed of their belongings by the same people who were given the confidence by the society to handle their economies. Our independent investigation showed that this is being put into system by dishonest trustees who are robbing the people they were supposed to help. In news reporting, we could show that hundreds of millions of crowns have been stolen - with no one acting to trace neither the money nor the perpetrators. Rather the opposite; while doing this investigation we found that the responsible actually protects the stealing guardians and that the central authorities call on all Swedish municipalities not to report the crimes to the police, since "that may makes it more difficult to attract new trustees". The working method To get a full view of the system with trustees and the authorities who are appointed to supervise the trustees (guardians) we set up two separate databases. Data was collected from the supervision reports from the county government and from the county court we collected appeals of decisions made by the guardians. In broadcast we used six cases in several reportages with different angles. In those six cases we provided letters of appointments from the family concerned. That way we could get access to all documents filed at the guardians office in each municipality.


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