Organisation: El Universal México/El Tiempo Colombia (Mexico)

Publication Date: 04/10/2016


Missing is a project of The Universal Data, Mexico, and the Data Unit El Tiempo, Colombia, which seeks to count the number of people missing in each of these countries over the last decade, showing an increase of statistics in recent years and narrate the stories of how they disappeared. The database used in the Mexican case, is published by the federal government through the National Registry of Persons Missing or Disappeared (RNEPD). Missing has the latest information about disappearances in Mexico. These figures will be updated by the El Universal Data as often as possible. Contributions of any kind that can improve the quality of our data will be well received, because at the moment we are working only with the figures provided by the federal government. They can send from new data, links to news and multimedia or new information on existing cases. This information will be processed by the El Universal Data to determine the best way to present it.


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