Duterte Party: Suddenly, the gang's all here

Duterte Party: Suddenly, the gang's all here

Organisation: ABS-CBN Investigative and Research Group (Philippines)

Publication Date: 04/03/2017


Based on the partial results of the 2016 May elections from the Commission of Elections, about half of the 238 district representative seats are expected to be occupied by Liberal Party members—the ruling party whose members include former President Benigno Aquino III and presidential candidate Mar Roxas. As Partido Demokratiko Pilipino standard bearer Rodrigo Duterte came out as the clear winner of the elections, party-list groups, including LP have expressed their support and alliance for the incoming administration. ‘Duterte Party: Suddenly, the gang's all here’ is accompanied by an interactive visualization of the prospective composition of the 17th Congress. It aims to provide an overview of which parties will dominate the House and Senate. In this way, the public can somehow have an idea of the bills and legislations that will be pushed in the Congress based on the advocacies and track records of the incumbent and incoming representatives and senators. Team members include: Chi Almario-Gonzalez, Maria Cecilia de los Reyes, Gerry Lirio, Gigi Grande, Crispin Abacan, Jhoanna Ballaran, Fernando Cabigao, Rachel Cantuba, Rizza Cervantes, John de Lima, Eulisa Española, Juni Gonzales, Noli Magsambol, Anama Reyes, Kia Obang
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