Organisation: Medialab-Prado (Spain)

Publication Date: 03/04/2017



The platform incorporates a system of automation of responses on the basis of queries to quickly process the questions already resolved, let in process those questions which require an answer more complex and remove those that are not relevant. The operating system provides a repository and a data-base to expedite the answer to fake news already attended, while collecting new inputs. The option of "In-process" is set to delayed response situations, an element that will indirectly serve to exercise the necessary control of the institutions involved, validating the quality of their service to the citizens and/or the answers given. The access is simple: The user adds a phone number to the contact list. By sending from your mobile a Whatsapp to that number any news of interest that has gone viral and it seems dubious. The question is sent to a platform that will provide ASAP response in terms of true or false, from a reliable source (media, institutions, police, etc.).


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