Eco-Link@BKE: Safe passage for creatures over busy highway

Eco-Link@BKE: Safe passage for creatures over busy highway

Organisation: The Straits Times (Singapore)

Publication Date: 04/09/2016



The first wildlife bridge ever built in South-East Asia was opened to Singapore’s native animals in 2013. In December this year, the bridge was opened up to the public in the form of special guided walking tours that were fully booked within just a few weeks. The main question which arises from this $16 million bridge across one of Singapore’s busiest and main arterial highways – are the animals actually using it? The Straits Times takes an in-depth look at the answers covering every aspect; from the history leading up the bridge’s development, to its engineering and architectural design and what the hopes are for the future of this bridge, and the animals that use it. We were given captured CCTV footage of animals using the bridge from the more common long-tailed macaque to the very rare pangolin – only around 50 pangolins remain in the wild in Singapore. We used audio, photo galleries, maps, Google Street View, 3D information graphics and GIFs to tell the story of this bridge, called the Eco-link@BKE.


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