Electing the next US president: The numbers game

Electing the next US president: The numbers game

Organisation: The Straits Times - Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (Singapore)

Publication Date: 04/07/2017



The US elections process is complicated. For our audience, we decided to strip away all the projections, possibilities and nuances to just focus on the process – and to maybe go some way to explain why most are inclined to believe the US will see it’s first female president inaugurated in January next year. All this, while still maintaining there is a certain degree of uncertainty and highlighting those key states to watch. The map morphs from geographical to cartogram on scroll using the D3 Javascript library. Ultimately, our test if this worked? If by the end of this graphic, the user managed to learn something new or understand the complicated process better – we did something right. One comment from a user “Now I know where and how the states will vote.” – this is the kind of feedback we like!
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