Fewer Children in Classrooms

Fewer Children in Classrooms

Organisation: La Nación (Costa Rica) (Costa Rica)

Publication Date: 03/31/2016


The special “Fewer Children in Classrooms” is an analysis of the changes in enrollment in schools between 2009 and 2014. The analysis makes evident how the drop in the birthrate is emptying classrooms in elementary schools and it inquires on the changes that have taken place in some 4,000 schools. The application enables comparing enrollment per grade, school, canton, province, and at the national level. Also, based on the data, projections were made as to the number of pupils who would live in each canton from 2016 through 2020. This enabled readers to learn whether there would be more, fewer, or the same number of pupils in their community in the future, and whether or not that trend agrees with the one in their province. The data in this application are based on the Fifth State of Education Report, which was disclosed in 2015. The special included interactive displays, videos, and a set of news stories, published either in print or digitally.


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