The Gist

The Gist

Organisation: Deepr (South Korea)

Publication Date: 06/22/2017


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't read) is a popular internet slang which aptly represents how often the millennials tend to skip reading complex news. Why are young readers, even those who wish to find out more about actual news, profoundly discouraged to read news articles? The blame could be on the heavy and tedious tone of the articles, rampant use of large word junks, difficulty in keeping up with the story, and most importantly, the lack of context. The Gist, a crowdsourcing-based platform in which users can read, search, and write news summaries that also curates relevant news, will offer easy and entertaining user-generated explanations that help young readers effortlessly grasp the ongoing context. Readers can view for each topic the 'Gist of the Day(hereafter, GOTD)', the best summary of the news with 5W1H in 140 words and a hilarious meme (supported by GIPHY API). After easily understanding 'what happened today', readers can explore more by viewing the accumulated timeline of the GOTDs to grasp the context regarding the specific news topic. Based on data analysis, The Gist suggests the most mentioned key components of the news story, to enable search function using those core elements (who and where) as filters for other gists. Users can freely add their own gists as well, summarising in their own words their understanding of the most recent news story, with a valid news source and entertaining memes. Users will be able to see what people consider as the gist of the issue. In the aforementioned timeline, users also track the change and flow of facts over the course of time—all of which will assist users to digest the intricate news. We will share our data’s API as an open source project, to create an open news ecosystem that would encourage and increase the public consumption and general interest in news. ​
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