Publication Date: 02/20/2015



GONE UNDER FIVE PROFILE Time: 9:00pm News Date Aired: Friday 9th May, 2014 Station: KBC CHANNEL 1 Teresa has buried four of her five children before the age of five. They all died of Malaria. Teresa’s chicken have a lovely coop, it is made of a mosquito net. Did the government not provide mosquito nets? No, it did. In fact, that is how Teresa was able to get material to build a house for her chicken. So where does the problem lie? The number of children under the age of five, who continue to succumb to Malaria, remains incredibly high. This, despite a raft of mitigative measures in the case of Kenya, put in place by the government to combat the disease. And while the government says there has been a drop in Malaria related deaths, Gone under five puts into perspective the ever increasing cases of children under the age of five who continue to bow to the disease, especially in rural Kenya.


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