Organisation: NoBA (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/01/2017


If Google focused on search, then 'GOODU People' focused on mentality. The beginning of the election comes from the understanding of candidates and the choice of voters. While watching a series of Korean political scandals, I thought that there was a lot of distortions in the value judgment of people with so many news media and information, fake news and biased information. We are planning a platform to collect and evaluate the pecity-based, and even the politicians' comments, and to share the opinions of citizens. Based on the namecard centered on the mentality, the attributes and responses of the mentions and the evaluation of the citizens are reflected. Based on this concept, we are preparing the 'oral person' service in the form of an agora to judge and discuss candidates' tendencies and values ​​based on the opinions of the officials. Thank you
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