Green patrol in Action - HAZARDOUS WASTE ON TOUR!

Green patrol in Action - HAZARDOUS WASTE ON TOUR!

Organisation: Green initiative of Vojvodina (Serbia)

Publication Date: 03/08/2017



Specifically, these are the people and organizations that are faced with the problem of environmental pollution and deterioration of living and do not have access to the media, the public, decision makers and institutions, but fight for the protection of the environment and quality of life. The aim of the serial is to make problems in the field of environmental protection visible, to foster faster and better solutions. Thema: - We are now located in the industrial area of Bela Crkva, not far from our tourist hot spots, the lakes of Bela Crkva and right in front of the place in which, until recently, the company "ECO 21" used to store and destroy hazardous waste.


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