Here’s how 670’000 people speak German

Here’s how 670’000 people speak German

Organisation: SRF Data / Spiegel Online (Switzerland)

Publication Date: 03/28/2017


Did you know that there are almost 30 different common pronunciations of the word "hiccup" in German-speaking Europe? This cooperation between Swiss Public Broadcast's "SRF Data" and German "Spiegel Online" visualized a unique and vast dataset of language use. In a previous "dialect quiz" (, which was published in early 2015, the language use of over 670'000 German-speaking people and their city of residence was crowdsourced. By aggregating these geographical point data to a regular-sized grid, we then produced a series of 25 maps that show the geographical patterns of language use, i.e. how a certain word is pronounced in different parts of German-speaking Europe - from Hamburg to Vienna to Bozen to Berne and back.
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