IMReady Tele-Tulong

IMReady Tele-Tulong

Organisation: GMA Network (Philippines)

Publication Date: 07/08/2016


IMReady Tele-Tulong (derived from "tele-" - "at a distance"; and "tulong", the Filipino term for "help") is a proposed website and mobile app that will build upon the existing IMReady public service portal of GMA Network. On one hand it is a portable, searchable directory of local emergency contact numbers; on the other, an innovative tool in assessing the accessibility--and even the very availability--of key emergency response agencies and institutions at the local level. From the users' end, Tele-Tulong will display both a listing and a directional map of the police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and rescue groups nearest to the user's location. It will also allow users to rate their experience and report problems in contacting these agencies/groups. Available online as a website and offline as an app, this tool will benefit those who will require immediate help while travelling in unfamiliar locations. From our news organization's end, Tele-Tulong's metrics will help us identify trends (e.g. dissatisfaction in a particular agency) and story leads (unusual increase in searches for numbers in specific areas may indicate possible breaking news) that over time will provide a bigger picture of possible resource gaps in local emergency response.
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