Info-graphic: Mapping the Extra-judicial Killings in Bangladesh

Info-graphic: Mapping the Extra-judicial Killings in Bangladesh

Organisation: (Bangladesh)

Publication Date: 04/01/2016



In 2004, the BNP-led coalition government launched the para military force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Bangladesh. Since its inception the RAB has been accused of extra-judicial killings by national and international human rights organisations, though the force has always been denying the allegation. Whenever any criminal gets killed by the RAB the force claims that he was a victim of crossfire between RAB and the associates of the criminal. In this interactive info-graphic all the deaths across Bangladesh during 2007-2015, that occurred during the raids conducted by the RAB, has been accommodated according to the shooting spot, year. Deaths resulting from joint operation by RAB, police and Coast Guard have also been included in the info-graphic. *Death count and places have been sourced from news published by * Some deaths might have been occurred which are not included in this info-graphic.
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