Kommunebarometeret - Critical Comparison of Cities

Kommunebarometeret - Critical Comparison of Cities

Organisation: Kommunal Rapport (Norway)

Publication Date: 04/02/2016


Measuring the 428 municipalities of Norway across 124 different data sets, Kommunebarometeret ('Measuring Municipalities') tells readers which municipality has the best scores overall and in each different service sector, among them school, elderly care, child protection services, kindergarden, health, culture and environment - but also economy and costs. The web site makes it possible for anyone to check how each municipality actually performs. Voters sometimes use the information to decide who to vote for, and most certainly politicians use the information either to defend their record or to critizise the ones in power for their ineptitude. This is the only national measuring in Norway of municipalities on such a scale. Subscribers to the site can also read independent, editorial analysis of each municipality - highlighting shortcomings, possible explanations and analytically based suggestions as to how to improve. The whole idea is based on our duty as a newspaper: To inform the public of how the money is spent, and whether it is spent well. The web side is the core of our coverage, but we procude numerous stories based on our findings in our weekly edition of Kommunal Rapport and our daily web site www.kommunal-rapport.no. Also, the measuring project generates more and more attention nationally. Just over 24 hours after publication, around 100 stories in other news media had been generated based on 'our' data set (which uses publicly available data), including a story on the main TV news programme. The project is primarily aimed at local politicians (our newspapers' core reader group). Around 7 % of the newspaper total income comes from this subscription revenue stream, making it a very important factor in business growth. Subscribers are mostly municipalities, but also state organisations and vendors. Others who have contributed in some way (journalists and external coders): Jens Finnäs, Samuel Brynolf, Ivar Bergman, Andreas Røed, Elmira Petkova, Vegard Venli, Anders Tjernblom, Christoffer Wadensten
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