Layar Berita

Layar Berita

Organisation: Tempo (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 05/14/2016


What if we can search all of the most important news topics of the day and watch it in a 1 minute video? Today, there are too many information out there. Each digital media churns hundreds thousands of news items every day. This information overload could easily overwhelmed people. Moreover, the overflow of information made it difficult to differentiate hoax, sensational news from quality journalism. There has to be a way to to make accurate, independent, impartial reporting from our media, stands out. The need to repackage quality journalism and distribute it in a more accessible way become even more urgent because more and more people in Indonesia now consume news via mobile video. The numbers of mobile phone users are increasing. So we need to address this problem: how to make our quality content stand out by optimizing the use of video. We want our app to be used by approximately 850 thousands people using the commuter line train to travel to and from Jakarta everyday. The train connect Jakarta city center with its surrounding suburbs. It is estimated that in 2019, 1,2 million people will travel using commuter train. This is a huge crowd. If we look at the pattern, we'll see that most of the passengers use commuters in the morning and in the night, to go to office and come back home. They used to read newspapers, but now there are less and less people with that habit. Its also almost impossible to spread a broadsheet newspapers or a tabloid in a packed train. Using our app "LayarBerita" people can have access to our daily digest video, that used a text to video plugin, and watch the most important topics of the day in 1 minute video. Users can also search for their favorite articles and turn it into video in our app and watch it there.
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