Making the election of the next president in America relevant to Danes

Making the election of the next president in America relevant to Danes

Organisation: Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark)

Publication Date: 03/14/2017


The editorial team was assembled in the fall of 2016 to serve as a temporary digital spearhead to cover the American presidential election, and was based in DR’s Investigative Data Team. The purpose of the editorial team was to make the presidential election relevant to the Danes through original, digital coverage on The Digital Presidential Election Team is recommended for the Data Journalism Award 2017 for it’s unique and innovative digital solutions to well-known formats in election coverage. Any election coverage entails a series of evergreens like presenting results, portraying candidates, explaining the election system and giving an overview of the different candidates’ positions. The defining characteristic for DR’s digital coverage has been that many of these evergreens has been presented in new and surprising ways that are tailored for the smartphone screen and functionality. When you combine good quality journalism, beautiful graphics and tailormade coding, you get both unique content and unique formats. The team succeeds to make this point clear with this double portrait.


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