Marie Stopes Bangladesh: Success from fake service taker

Marie Stopes Bangladesh: Success from fake service taker

Organisation: (Bangladesh)

Publication Date: 02/14/2017



Shahin Abdul Bari: Marie Stopes Clinic is showing success with the help of fake service taker and looting benefits. Because of this the reputation of Marie Stopes Bangladesh is being jeopardized. Along with it the birth control plan of government is going in vain. It is identified from grievance that in the past year the number of vasectomy applied to male as per document in Dhaka-1 Clinic is over 5 hundred. On the other hand only 3/4 female has taken ligations. This reporter has talked to examine 60 of those 500 who have labeled by documents as vasectomy service taker. Only 10 of them told that they have taken vasectomy. 50 other made us failed to reach. But the information of all ligation taker originate correct. Through an investigation it has come to know that a syndicate is growing inside and out of it in various clinics across the country including Dhaka. There are many field workers as well as brokers who connect service takers with these clinics. Nasir and Sohail are the ones who bring fake vasectomy takers to Marie Stopes Clinic, Dhaka-1 of Elephant Road. These two brokers have over 200 phone numbers in their collection. Sohel who introduces himself as a field worker, works at Azimpur Maternity. Claim has made that Sohail and Nasir draw Tk. 2000, which is sanctioned for the service taker, but use to give Tk. 500 to the service taker and the rest be distributed among the syndicate. It also has complaints that same people are being used to make fake vasectomy taker in its different clinics. Moreover, brokers gather new patients from time to time. Some of them are rickshaw puller, few are Mason, few day labourer and few are vehicle helper. According to the documents most of them are from North Bengal. There are over 200 members in different places such as Kamrangir char, Zurayin, Ekuria, Postgola, keraniganj, darussalam, Mirpur, Uttara and shreenagar, Gazipur etc. The reporter has talked to 42 service takers as defined in the documents ‘agreed to take vasectomy’ and discover many unknown stories. One of them was a ligation patient and she told that she did ligation on his own will. While calling one of them Rasel (29), the phone was picked up by someone (possibly his wife) Rosey and when the reporter asked her about her husband’s vasectomy she said, “My husband did not take any permanent birth control methods. Cheaters may know my mobile number”. Another respondent Mohammad Rostam said “I dont know about it, but I heard that someone named Sohel employed my elder brother permanent birth control method.” One of respondents named Shohag alias Faruk told that he took permanent birth control method by broker Sohel. He stated that an assigned lady gave him Tk. 2000 but broker Nasir took Tk. 1200 from it saying that he has to give the money to the doctor and the manager. He claimed that he got only Tk. 800.
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