The Media Industry under the Orban-regime

The Media Industry under the Orban-regime

Organisation: Kreativ Magazin / Kreativ Online (Hungary)

Publication Date: 06/08/2014



After the change of administration in 2010 the new right-wing government started to rewrite the Hungarian media landscape using new laws, personal changings and spendings on self advertising in media owned by Prime Minister Orbán Viktor's friends, Lajos Simicska, Zsolt Nyerges and Gábor Liszkay. We wanted to show how many public money walked into these media companies through state-advertising, and we found that 70-80 % of this money (appr. 10 billion Forints from 2010 Q2 to 2011 Q4) landed in their hands. The problem is that these media companies doesn't offers the most efficient and low-priced advertising opportunities for the state. We demonstrated that the government and the state wasted the public money, the only reason of their spendings was making private money out of public money.
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